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  • • 07-17.06 - Stencibility residency: Igor Ponosov (RU)
      Igor Ponosov (1980) is a Moscow-based artist, activist, author and curator of multi-disciplinary projects, focusing on the social environment of the city and its transformation through the arts. He will arrive early to Tartu to get to know the city and create site-specific installations.
  • • 11-17.06 - Painting the murals of “My First Wall” sketch contest
      “My First Wall” sketch contest was in two age groups: 14-17 year and 20+ year olds. The aim of project is to offer an opportunity to realise your very first wall and get a helping hand from a professional artist.
  • • 14-17.06 - Painting of OFF-Programme walls
      OFF-Programme is an experiment with a mission to create more site-sensitive street art in Tartu. It is a get-together of like-minded local and international artists who will seek inspiration from public space and local inhabitants and will create site-specific works scattered around Tartu, based on their impressions of the city.
  • • 14-21.06 - SLÄP! sticker art exhibition
      SLÄP! is an international sticker exhibition that includes stickers from over 150 artists from 50 different countries. We will exhibit these thousands of stickers we received from an old truck that’s been made into a gallery.

MON 11.06

TUE 12.06

WED 13.06

  • 18:00-19:30 Discussion "Messages on Lock-up Walls"(in Estonian)
    Location: Tartu University Lock-up, access through the main entrance, we will gather at the wardrobe.
    Price: 2€
    Register: merilin@stencibility.eu, the capacity of the lock-up is 25 people.
      We discovered the oldest scribbles in Tartu’s history on the university lock-up wall! On June 13th there will be a panel discussion between Ken Ird (University of Tartu Museum guide), Kristiina Tiideberg (curator) Piret Voolaid (folklorist) and Kersti Post who is very well acquainted with writings on the walls of modern prisons. We will discuss what people scribble on walls and why, as well as what kind of messages were written on the lock-up wall in the 19th century and what can be found on today’s prisons.

      The Tartu University lock-up is located in the attic of the main building and it’s been there since the 19th century when it was used as a place of punishment for students who offended the code of student conduct. At that time the University had its own judiciary system and had the right to adjudicate the students and the employees. The lock-up was only meant for students whose punishments could last from one day to several months. Among the students who spent their time there, were the first Estonian poet Kristjan Jaak Peterson and also latter Tartu University rector and Tartu mayor Georg von Oettingen. Many students channelled their lock-up experience into scribbled or carved drawings, verses or monograms, many of which have been preserved on the walls, ceiling and door of the lock-up. Thanks to the original drawings and old photos we can see what kind of messages students from the 19th century left on walls.

      NB! The event is in Estonian.

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THU 14.06

FRI 15.06

  • 20:00 Sketch night: meet the artists. Presentations of Igor Ponosovi "Russian Urban Art: History and Conflicts” and the first number of Tartu Street Art Zine esitlus
    Location: Sodiaak (Riia 24b)
    *free entrance*

      Drink’n’Draw style sketch night - join us and grab your favourite markers and a sketchbook with you :) Meet the artists who take part of Stencibility and listen to presentations of new street art books. There is also a bar on the spot.

      Igor Ponosov will talk about his new book “Russian Urban Art: History and Conflicts”. The book examines the power of street art in Russia by exploring its historical background, extending from the avant-garde movements of the early twentieth century, to the non-conformists and the actionists of the twenty-first century. It is an attempt to analyze as well as expand the potential of Russian street art by sharing examples of significant and relevant art phenomena and processes.

      Stencibility team will introduce the first edition of Tartu Street Art Zine. To give insights into a street artist thought processes we will have previously unpublished photos and articles from the artists themselves. In the first issue, there’s the decade-old manifesto by Edward von Lõngus with a new commentary by the author, interview with the Soup Town street artist Kairo and a summary of Sirla’s master's thesis that analyzes the impact of organized street art on independent street art.

      *zine - self-published magazine
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SAT 16.06

  • 12:00-16:00 Javier Abarca exploration workshop, part 2: Contemplative guide to Tartu
    Register: kadri@stencibility.eu
    Price: 10€
    NB! The tour is the second part of the workshop, hence it is important to attend the lecture on Friday too!

    Location: TBA
      The workshop by street art researcher Javier Abarca is in two parts: lecture and a guided tour. The introductory lecture gives some theoretical and visual background exploring psychogeography, the third landscape, and the view of the city as a playground. NB! The lecture takes place on the 15th of June, 18:00, at Hektor Design Hostel seminar room (Riia street 26). The lecture is in English and free of charge.

      The second part of the workshop is a guided tour with the aim to explore ignored parts of the city. Spaces free from commerce and control, where there is a possibility for contemplation. A city where anything can happen! Participants are given instructions they then use to search for the route themselves, one by one or in small groups. Find your own way in a quiet stroll through the backstages of the city. Visit ignored spaces free from commerce and control, where there is a possibility for contemplation. Get to know the hidden environments of graffiti writers, furtive street artists and other outcasts. Difficulty level: very easy, no exploring background needed.

      NB! Register for the 16th June tour at kadri@stencibility.eu, the ticket for the tour is 10€. Tour lasts for 4h (12:00-16:00). The tour is the second part of the workshop, hence it is important to also attend the lecture on Friday!

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      Javier Abarca (Madrid 1973) is an artist, researcher and educator in the fields of graffiti and street art. A leading figure from the first generation of Spanish graffiti, he taught a class on graffiti and street art at the Complutense University of Madrid between 2006 and 2015. He is founder and director of the Unlock Book Fair, and co-directed the Tag Conference. Abarca is a renowned specialist in the international scene, and appears regularly at European conferences and festivals.

      Javier Abarca
      Tag Conference
      Unlock Bookfair
  • • OFF-Programme trip to nature, a day spray painting in an undisclosed abandoned location

SUN 17.06