SLÄP! sticker van is a dream of every sticker fan. It’s an international sticker exhibition on wheels that has been rolling around as part of Stencibility since 2018.

The idea of SLÄP! grew out of love for the smallest form of street art - the sticker. We are a faithful bunch of slappers, our pockets are always full of stickers and slapping stops make every walk much longer than it should be :) SLÄP! is praising the culture of stickers and shows its variety and worth as an art form. In 2018 we made the first international open call and received around 7000 stickers, in 2019 the number was already 11 000! Throughout three years we’ve been collaborating with over 300 artists from 35 countries who have sent us over 19 000 stickers!

The inside of the van serves as a gallery space with changing exhibitions and the outside has been covered with a massive sticker bomb - be sure to add yours when you notice it on the street!

Thank you to everyone who has sent us their work, keep on slappin’!