Our first artist - @s_e_p_e_ is from Poland. Sepe is a very special guest because he has been to Stencibility in 2015 and we have been looking for ways to bring him back ever since. Sepe is raised with graffiti, rooted in book illustration and in later studies he became interested in graphic and poster design. That means he works with wide spectrum of tools - spray paint, markers, pencil, acrylic, ink, stencils, sticky tape, even bitumen pulp - on paper, canvas and walls. We really love the mix of wild and traditional Sepe is creating.

Your Mom’s Knights (RU)

Our second artist Your Mom’s Knights is actually a crew - Ksyusha (@ksu_lastochka) and Seryozha (@mr_trlv) from Russia. By mixing street art and illustration they have created their own universe of various black-n-white characters: from giants living on the Norwegian coasts to skaters in small Canadian cities. We at Stencibility are very big fans of mom-jokes, so the name really hits the right spot!


Our third artist Kiwie @fatkiwie is undoubtedly one of the most known street artist in Latvia. With strong roots in graffiti his artistic style is based on a multiform repetition of one specific image. The funny, usually smiling pudgy critter has been alive on the streets over 13 years. For us Kiwie represents a very important part of street art in Latvia.


Our forth artist is Bisser @bisserbisser from Belgium. In Belgium the word “bisser” means someone who needs to redo the school year. Bisser was studying animation in Ghent and when he didn’t pass the practical part of the first year, he decided to make it into something positive and so the artist pseudonym was born. In addition to characters and murals he also does neat sculptures. We love Bisser’s creative street art animations and site-specificity of his characters living on the streets all over the world.



Do we have artists from Estonia also? A few :) Our fifth artist Krõõt Kukkur @secretspaceship is from Tallinn. Although she has done some works on walls, her illustration background is definitely stronger. She likes to experiment with different mediums and techniques and we want to tempt her to the dark side and see more of her works on the streets!

SomeART (PL)

Our sixth artist is Someart @iamsomeart from Poland. His main inspiration is m-theory and multidimensional nature of the Universe. He puts a lot of effort into painting, street art and analogue photography. We got to know his works when he sent an impressive pack of stickers to SLÄP! exhibition last year. Now finally we get to meet him. We are huge fans of his stickers and paste-up’s.


Our seventh artist Zahars Ze @zahars.ze is from Latvia. “If there’s a wall to paint, I will do it” he promises. Similar to other artists we have in the lineup, he mixes street art with different techniques and materials like ceramics, wood, printmaking and sculptures. We like his minimalistic and easygoing approach.


Our eighth artist is Maari Soekov @maarisoe from our own Tartu. The main body of her work is filled with a dream-like world full of mystified nature, visions and magical encounters. Maari’s main creative impulses come from adventures in nature, her personal animistic world view, traveling and the moments when her spirit reaches out and meets someone else’s spirit. Maari is a notable part of street art in Tartu, she took part of Stencibility in 2012. We are happy to host her again to see what she has learned and discovered meanwhile.


Our ninth artist is Lazy Bra @lazybra from Latvia. He is one of the founders of the first major illustration magazine in Baltic states - “Popper magazine” which promotes local zine scene. He is also the creator of a local street art battle series “Draworgy”. He describes his unique style by lack of style. He works as an illustrator with clothing and sport brands, experiments with sculpture, wood carving, DIY printing, tattoo and animation.


Our tenth artist is Glow @glowgraff from Bulgaria. His style is bold, trippy and vibrant in color. He says his works are deeply rooted in urban culture and its free spirit reflecting positive mindset and strong will. Mixing elements from the graff world combined with new contemporary approaches the artist seeks to create his own visual aesthetics, reflecting the world we experience today. We really enjoy his out-of-box approach to graffiti and openness to experimenting.


Our eleventh artist is our own home boy Sänk @sank5com. He used to be a badass graffiti guy but now he is obsessed with painting deers everywhere. But we love him still! He is also long-time instructor of Stencibility’s sketch contest “My First Wall”. We would be really happy to see some of your crystal graff at the festival, Sänk!

Siguel (PL)

Our twelfth artist is Siguel @elsiguel from Poland. His artwork is primarily narrative based with a focus on portraying the human condition. The paintings have loose narratives attached setting out only a point of departure letting the viewer make up its own mind what each piece conveys. We see Siguel as a very nice and characteristic example of the Polish scene.


Our thirteenth artist is Vour @worst.project.ever from Latvia. He likes to call his works contemporary vandalism as he is coming straight from the corner of being a street vandal and fine arts guy. We enjoy his bold style and sense of irony.


Our fourteenth and last artist is Pintsel @brushleee from Estonia. Pintsel means “paintbrush” in Estonian but instead of using a paintbrush, he prefers to paint the symbol with sprays. He says that not only the end result is important to him but also the way to it. He is the wolf of the hostels, the absolute hardware of Estonian street art - he comes to your festival whether you invite him or not. And leaves days after the event is over. We really like his conceptual thinking and the mix of different techniques.